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This form is your online Application for Certification services with GreenCert Ltd. If you wish to complete this Application manually, Please download a copy fill it and send it to our email applications@greencert.co.tz or deliver it physically to our office, keep a copy of this document for your records.



Latitude: Degrees Direction

Longitude: Degrees Direction



For crops listed above or in the farmer register, indicate dates when harvest started, whether harvest is ongoing and when harvest will end for all certification options.

Crop one

Crop two

Crop three

Crop four

Crop Five

Harvest Exclusion

NB. Harvest exclusion is subject to conditions set by GLOBALG.A.P. Crop rules version 5.2 part 2.3. The producer must apply for exclusion per product with detailed justification. The CB will give approval of exclusion on a case-by-case basis before the registration is approved.

Fill the table above (section 8) for any product requiring harvest exclusion.

Produce Handling Sites

N.B. produce handling is a mandatory part of the inspection where the following post-harvest activities are carried out: “sorting, packing, storage and transport ex-farm, chemical treatments, trimming, washing or any other handling where the product may have physical contact with other materials or substances”. A temporarily or permanent collection/dispatch station and the ex-farm transport from farm/field to these units should be considered as produce handling

List the produce handling site(s)

If Produce Handling is done off-farm and by the same legal entity, fill below.

Sub-contracted Activities 

List all companies or persons that you have sub-contracted activities covered by the GLOBALG.A.P. General Regulations (GLOBALG.A.P. Option 2 QMS or any Technical responsibilities e.g. Crop protection product application).

For Leased production sites (or other) activity (or attach register)

Parallel production (production of certified and non-certified products of the same species, but in different production units of the company):

please indicate the name and the address of each production unit for which certification is not requested


Disclosure of information:

Please Choose the different data release levels below: By ticking the levels below and by signing this document I agree that GreenCert will treat information as described below.

Note: Operators applying for certification must have access to the applicable standards (this can be downloaded free of charge from www.globalgap.org Or obtained from the information pack from GreenCert Ltd (delivery and printing cost charged to the client).